Kemba Walker93Big ManPGHornetsBig Man LvL Master
Dwyane Wade93Two-WaySGBullsTwo-Way LvL Master
Andre Drummond93Small BallCPistonsSmall Ball LvL Master
LaMarcus Aldridge93ShootingPFSpursShooting LvL Master
Paul George93DefensiveSFPacersDefensive LvL Master
Chris Paul92Two-WayPGClippersTwo-Way Master
Andrew Wiggins87ShootingSFTimberwolvesLvL Reward
CJ McCollum87Two-WaySGTrail BlazersLvL Reward
Marc Gasol87Small BallCGrizzliesLvL Reward
Isaiah Thomas87Big ManPGCelticsLvL Reward
Victor Oladipo86Big ManSGThunderLvL Reward
Kristaps Porzingis86Two-WayPFKnicksLvL Reward
Gordon Hayward85DefensiveSFJazzLvL Reward
Nikola Vucevic85ShootingCMagicLvL Reward
Eric Bledsoe85DefensivePGSunsLvL Reward
Chris Bosh85Small BallPFHeatLvL Reward
Nerlens Noel80Big ManC76ersLvL Reward
Bradley Beal80Two-WaySGWizardsLvL Reward
Harrison Barnes80Two-WaySFMavericksLvL Reward
Ryan Anderson80ShootingPFRocketsLvL Reward
Deron Williams79Small BallPGMavericksLvL Reward
Myles Turner78Small BallCPacersLvL Reward
Zach LaVine78Big ManSGTimberwolvesLvL Reward
Brandon Ingram78Big ManSFLakersLvL Reward
Mason Plumlee77Two-WayCTrail BlazersLvL Reward
Dennis Schroder77Big ManPGHawksLvL Reward
Will Barton77Small BallSGNuggetsLvL Reward
Kyle Korver76Small BallSGHawksLvL Reward
Nikola Jokic76Big ManCNuggetsLvL Reward
George Hill76DefensivePGJazzLvL Reward
John Henson75Small BallCBucksLvL Reward
Marcus Smart75ShootingPGCelticsLvL Reward
TJ Warren74Two-WaySFSunsLvL Reward
Jeremy Lamb73ShootingSGHornetsLvL Reward
Dwight Powell73DefensivePFMavericksLvL Reward
Clint Capela73ShootingCRocketsLvL Reward

Here you can find all the League vs League (LvL) players for NBA Live Mobile in a simple list. Use Search and Sort Function to Help You Find players with their specific teams and line up, this will help you figure out who they are so that you can add them into your collection!