LaMarcus Aldridge93ShootingPFShooting LvL Master
Tim Duncan90ShootingPFLegend (Tribute)
Sean Elliott '9390Big ManSFLegends (Set)
David Robinson '9090Big ManCLegends (Set)
Kawhi Leonard89DefensiveSFAward Winners
Kawhi Leonard89ShootingSFMovember
Kawhi Leonard88Big ManSFBig Moments
Kawhi Leonard88DefensiveSFBig Moments
Kawhi Leonard87DefensiveSFBase Set
Tim Duncan87Two-WayPFThrowback (Tribute)
Kawhi Leonard87ShootingSFBase Set
Kawhi Leonard87Small BallSFBase Set
Kawhi Leonard87Two-WaySFBase Set
Kawhi Leonard87Big ManSFBase Set
Pau Gasol87Small BallCHarvest
Tony Parker87Two-WayPGInternational Reward
Tony Parker86Big ManPGTitleholders
Kawhi Leonard86Small BallSFSpotlight
Tony Parker85Big ManPGImpact Players
LaMarcus Aldridge85Big ManPFSignature
Tim Duncan84Big ManCThrowback (Tribute)
Tim Duncan84DefensivePFThrowback
LaMarcus Aldridge84ShootingPFSpotlight
LaMarcus Aldridge83Small BallCBase Set
Pau Gasol83Small BallCOff-Season Movers
LaMarcus Aldridge83Big ManPFBase Set
LaMarcus Aldridge83Two-WayPFBase Set
LaMarcus Aldridge83DefensivePFBase Set
LaMarcus Aldridge83Small BallPFPlayoffs
Pau Gasol81Big ManCBase Set
Pau Gasol81DefensiveCBase Set
Pau Gasol81ShootingCBase Set
Pau Gasol81Two-WayCBase Set
Boris Diaw81Two-WayPFThrowback
Tony Parker81Two-WayPGSeason Veterans
Tony Parker78DefensivePGBase Set
Tony Parker78ShootingPGBase Set
Tony Parker78Small BallPGBase Set
Tony Parker78Two-WayPGBase Set
Tony Parker78Big ManPGBase Set
Manu Ginobili77Small BallSGBase Set
Manu Ginobili77Two-WaySGBase Set
Manu Ginobili77DefensiveSGBase Set
Manu Ginobili77ShootingSGBase Set
Manu Ginobili77DefensiveSGPlayoffs
Tim Duncan75Two-WayCBase Set
Tim Duncan75ShootingCBase Set
Tim Duncan75DefensiveCBase Set
Tim Duncan75Big ManCBase Set
Danny Green74Big ManSGBase Set
Boris Diaw74Big ManPFInternational
Danny Green74DefensiveSGBase Set
Danny Green74Two-WaySGBase Set
Danny Green74Small BallSGBase Set
David West74Two-WayPFBase Set
David West74Small BallPFBase Set
David West74DefensivePFBase Set
David West74Big ManPFBase Set
Dejounte Murray73Small BallPGRookie
David Lee73Two-WayPFBase Set
David Lee73Small BallPFBase Set
David Lee73Big ManSFBase Set
Boris Diaw73Small BallCBase Set
Boris Diaw73ShootingPFBase Set
Boris Diaw73Big ManPFBase Set
David Lee73ShootingPFBase Set
Kevin Martin73Big ManSGBase Set
Kevin Martin73ShootingSFBase Set
Patrick Mills71Big ManPGBase Set
Patrick Mills71DefensivePGBase Set
Patrick Mills71ShootingPGBase Set
Patrick Mills71Small BallPGBase Set
Patrick Mills71Two-WayPGBase Set
Boban Marjanovic67Two-WayCBase Set
Boban Marjanovic67DefensiveCBase Set
Boban Marjanovic67Big ManCBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66Two-WayCBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66Big ManPFBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66Big ManCBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66DefensiveCBase Set
Matt Bonner64ShootingCBase Set
Matt Bonner64DefensivePFBase Set
Matt Bonner64Small BallPFBase Set
Matt Bonner64Two-WayPFBase Set
Jonathon Simmons63ShootingSGBase Set
Kyle Anderson61Big ManSFBase Set
Kyle Anderson61DefensiveSFBase Set
Kyle Anderson61Two-WaySFBase Set

Here you can find all the San Antonio Spurs (SAS) players for NBA Live Mobile. Use Search and Sort Function to Help You Find the best Player for the team.


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