LeBron James93Small BallSFSupremacy Master
LeBron James91Big ManSFMovember
LeBron James90ShootingSFHarvest
Dirk Nowitzki90DefensivePFTitleholder Master
Jamal Mashburn '93-'9489Small BallSFRookie Legends
World B. Free '8389ShootingSGLegends
Kyrie Irving89ShootingPGBig Moments
Kevin Love89ShootingPFTOTW - Pack Hero 5 - November
Jason Kidd '9588Small BallPGLegends (Set)
Kyrie Irving88Small BallPGInternational Reward
Dirk Nowitzki88ShootingPFInternational Reward
Tyson Chandler '1187DefensiveCThrowback
Kevin Love87Two-WayPFMovember
LeBron James87ShootingSFBase Set
Kevin Love87DefensivePFHarvest
LeBron James87DefensiveSFBase Set
LeBron James87Two-WaySFBase Set
LeBron James87Big ManSGBase Set
Mo Williams '0987ShootingPGThrowback
LeBron James87Small BallSFBase Set
Kyrie Irving86Big ManPGFinals
Kevin Love86Small BallPFTitleholders
Kevin Love85Small BallPFImpact Players
Chandler Parsons85Small BallSFImpact Players
Wesley Matthews85Two-WaySGImpact Players
Kevin Love85Big ManPFMotivators
Kyrie Irving84Two-WayPGBase Set
Kyrie Irving84Big ManPGBase Set
Kyrie Irving84DefensivePGBase Set
Kevin Love84ShootingPFFinals
Kyrie Irving84ShootingPGBase Set
Kyrie Irving84Small BallPGBase Set
Dirk Nowitzki84Small BallPFMovember
Dirk Nowitzki84Big ManPFThrowback
Deron Williams84Big ManPGSignature
Chandler Parsons84ShootingSFMotivators
J.R. Smith83DefensiveSGFinals
Kevin Love83ShootingPFPlayoffs
Dirk Nowitzki83Two-WayPFSeason Veterans
Kay Felder82Small BallPGRookie Leader
Channing Frye82ShootingPFBig Moments
Dirk Nowitzki82ShootingPFSpotlight
Tristan Thompson82Small BallCFinals
Kevin Love81Big ManSFBase Set
Kevin Love81Two-WayPFBase Set
Kevin Love81ShootingPFBase Set
Kevin Love81DefensivePFBase Set
Kevin Love81ShootingCBase Set
Kevin Love81Small BallPFBase Set
Harrison Barnes80Two-WaySFLvL Reward
Dirk Nowitzki79Small BallPFBase Set
Dirk Nowitzki79Two-WayPFBase Set
Tristan Thompson79Small BallPFMotivators
Dirk Nowitzki79DefensivePFBase Set
Dirk Nowitzki79ShootingCBase Set
Dirk Nowitzki79Big ManPFBase Set
Dirk Nowitzki79ShootingPFPlayoffs
Dirk Nowitzki79Small BallPFBase Set
Harrison Barnes79Two-WaySFOff-Season Movers
Deron Williams79Small BallPGLvL Reward
Chandler Parsons78Small BallPFBase Set
Chandler Parsons78DefensiveSFBase Set
Chandler Parsons78ShootingSFBase Set
Andrew Bogut78Two-WayCBase Set
Chandler Parsons78Two-WaySFBase Set
Chandler Parsons78Big ManSGBase Set
Andrew Bogut78Big ManCBase Set
Andrew Bogut78DefensiveCBase Set
Andrew Bogut78Small BallCBase Set
Andrew Bogut78ShootingCBase Set
Tristan Thompson78DefensivePFInternational
Zaza Pachulia78Two-WayCMotivators
Harrison Barnes78Small BallSFHarvest
Deron Williams78ShootingPGPlayoffs
Tristan Thompson77Two-WayCBase Set
Tristan Thompson77Small BallCBase Set
Tristan Thompson77DefensiveCBase Set
Tristan Thompson77DefensivePFBase Set
Tristan Thompson77Big ManPFBase Set
Tristan Thompson77Small BallPFBase Set
Wesley Matthews76Big ManSFBase Set
Wesley Matthews76DefensiveSFBase Set
Wesley Matthews76Small BallSFBase Set
Wesley Matthews76Two-WaySGBase Set
Harrison Barnes76Two-WaySFBase Set
Wesley Matthews76DefensiveSGBase Set
Wesley Matthews76DefensiveSGBase Set
Wesley Matthews76ShootingSGBase Set
Wesley Matthews76Small BallSGBase Set
Harrison Barnes76Big ManSGBase Set
Harrison Barnes76ShootingSFBase Set
Harrison Barnes76DefensiveSFBase Set
J.R. Smith76Two-WaySGBase Set
J.R. Smith76ShootingSGBase Set
J.R. Smith76DefensiveSGBase Set
J.R. Smith76Big ManSGPlayoffs
Harrison Barnes76Small BallSFBase Set
Deron Williams75Two-WayPGBase Set
Matthew Dellavedova75DefensivePGInternational
J.J. Barea75ShootingPGBase Set
J.J. Barea75Small BallPGBase Set
Deron Williams75DefensivePGBase Set
Deron Williams75Small BallPGBase Set
Deron Williams75ShootingPGBase Set
J.J. Barea75Two-WayPGBase Set
J.J. Barea75Big ManPGBase Set
Timofey Mozgov74Two-WayCBase Set
Timofey Mozgov74DefensiveCBase Set
Timofey Mozgov74Big ManCBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74Small BallCBase Set
Matthew Dellavedova74ShootingPGBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74Two-WayCBase Set
Timofey Mozgov74Small BallCBase Set
Matthew Dellavedova74Big ManPGBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74Big ManCBase Set
Matthew Dellavedova74DefensivePGBase Set
Matthew Dellavedova74Two-WayPGBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74DefensiveCBase Set
Dwight Powell73DefensivePFLvL Reward
Iman Shumpert73ShootingSFBase Set
Mo Williams73Small BallPGBase Set
Charlie Villanueva73DefensivePFInternational
Mo Williams73ShootingPGBase Set
David Lee73Big ManSFBase Set
Iman Shumpert73DefensiveSGBase Set
David Lee73Two-WayPFBase Set
Iman Shumpert73Two-WaySGBase Set
Iman Shumpert73Small BallSGBase Set
Seth Curry72ShootingSGOff-Season Movers
Quincy Acy72ShootingSFOff-Season Movers
Jason Terry72ShootingSGThrowback
Drew Gooden72DefensivePFThrowback
Chris Andersen71DefensiveCBase Set
Mike Dunleavy Jr.71ShootingSGBase Set
Mike Dunleavy Jr.71Two-WaySFBase Set
Mike Dunleavy Jr.71Big ManSGBase Set
Channing Frye70ShootingPFBase Set
Channing Frye70Two-WayPFBase Set
Channing Frye70Big ManSFBase Set
Channing Frye70ShootingCBase Set
Channing Frye70Big ManCBase Set
Raymond Felton69DefensivePGBase Set
Raymond Felton69Small BallSGBase Set
Raymond Felton69Two-WaySGBase Set
Raymond Felton69Big ManPGBase Set
Devin Harris68Small BallPGBase Set
Dwight Powell68ShootingPFHarvest
Devin Harris68Big ManPGBase Set
JaVale McGee67Big ManPFBase Set
JaVale McGee67ShootingCBase Set
Charlie Villanueva66ShootingPFBase Set
Charlie Villanueva66DefensiveCBase Set
Charlie Villanueva66Small BallCBase Set
Richard Jefferson65DefensiveSFBase Set
Seth Curry65Big ManSGBase Set
Dwight Powell65DefensivePFBase Set
Dwight Powell65ShootingPFBase Set
Seth Curry65ShootingSGBase Set
Richard Jefferson65Small BallSFBase Set
Richard Jefferson65Two-WaySFBase Set
Jeremy Evans64Big ManSFBase Set
Quincy Acy64Small BallPFBase Set
Quincy Acy64DefensivePFBase Set
James Jones63Big ManSGBase Set
Kay Felder60ShootingPGRookie
Justin Anderson60DefensiveSGBase Set
Justin Anderson60Two-WaySFBase Set
Salah Mejri60Big ManCBase Set
DeAndre Liggins60Two-WaySGBase Set
Salah Mejri60Two-WayCBase Set
Dahntay Jones59Big ManSFBase Set
Dahntay Jones59ShootingSFBase Set
Dahntay Jones59Small BallSFBase Set
Dahntay Jones59Big ManSFBase Set
Sasha Kaun57Big ManPFBase Set
Sasha Kaun57Small BallCBase Set

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