Ben Simmons90Small BallPFRookie Master
Darryl Dawkins '8089Big ManCLegends (Set)
Allen Iverson '9789ShootingPGLegends
Jahlil Okafor85ShootingCImpact Players
Joel Embiid85ShootingCBig Moments
Joel Embiid84DefensiveCCountdown
Andre Iguodala81DefensiveSFThrowback
Kyle Korver81ShootingSGThrowback
Ben Simmons80Two-WayPFRookie
Nerlens Noel80Big ManCLvL Reward
Nerlens Noel78Small BallCBase Set
Jahlil Okafor78ShootingCBase Set
Nerlens Noel78DefensiveCBase Set
Nerlens Noel78ShootingCBase Set
Nerlens Noel78Two-WayPFBase Set
Jahlil Okafor78Two-WayCBase Set
Jahlil Okafor78Small BallCBase Set
Nerlens Noel78Big ManPFBase Set
Jahlil Okafor78Big ManCBase Set
Jahlil Okafor78DefensiveCBase Set
Joel Embiid75Big ManCBase Set
Ish Smith75Two-WayPGBase Set
Jerryd Bayless75ShootingPGOff-Season Movers
Ish Smith75Small BallPGBase Set
Joel Embiid75Two-WayCBase Set
Ish Smith75ShootingPGBase Set
Isaiah Canaan74Big ManSGBase Set
Isaiah Canaan74ShootingPGBase Set
Isaiah Canaan74Small BallPGBase Set
Gerald Henderson74Small BallSGOff-Season Movers
Isaiah Canaan74DefensivePGBase Set
Jerryd Bayless73DefensivePGBase Set
Jerryd Bayless73Small BallPGBase Set
Jerryd Bayless73Two-WayPGBase Set
Jerryd Bayless73ShootingPGBase Set
Robert Covington72ShootingSFMotivators
Robert Covington72Small BallSFBase Set
Jared Dudley72Small BallSFBase Set
Jared Dudley72Big ManSFBase Set
Jared Dudley72ShootingSFBase Set
Robert Covington72Two-WaySFBase Set
Robert Covington72DefensivePFBase Set
Robert Covington72ShootingSFBase Set
Jared Dudley72Small BallPFBase Set
Robert Covington72ShootingPFBase Set
Jared Dudley72DefensivePFBase Set
Robert Covington72DefensiveSFBase Set
Robert Covington72Big ManSFBase Set
Gerald Henderson71ShootingSFMovember
Kendall Marshall70Big ManPGBase Set
Kendall Marshall70Small BallSGBase Set
Leandro Barbosa70Small BallPGBase Set
Leandro Barbosa70Big ManPGBase Set
Hollis Thompson68ShootingSGBase Set
Hollis Thompson68Big ManSGBase Set
Hollis Thompson68DefensiveSGBase Set
Hollis Thompson68ShootingSFBase Set
Gerald Henderson67Small BallSFBase Set
Gerald Henderson67Two-WaySGBase Set
Nik Stauskas66Small BallSGBase Set
Nik Stauskas66Two-WaySGBase Set
Jerami Grant66DefensiveSFBase Set
Jerami Grant66Two-WaySFBase Set
Jerami Grant66Small BallSFBase Set
Nik Stauskas66Big ManSGBase Set
Nik Stauskas66ShootingSGBase Set
Jerami Grant66ShootingPFBase Set
Nik Stauskas66DefensiveSGBase Set
Carl Landry65Small BallPFBase Set
Elton Brand64Big ManSFBase Set
Elton Brand64Small BallPFBase Set
Nik Stauskas58DefensiveSGBase Set
Richaun Holmes58DefensivePFBase Set
Tibor Pleiss58Two-WayCBase Set
Richaun Holmes58Big ManPFBase Set
Richaun Holmes58Small BallPFBase Set
Richaun Holmes58Two-WayPFBase Set
Tibor Pleiss58ShootingCBase Set

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