Shaquille O'Neal '99-'0092Big ManCTrophy Juggernaut
James Worthy '8892Two-WaySFLegends (Set)
Magic Johnson '7991Big ManPGLegends
Jerry West '7289Small BallPGLegends
Elgin Baylor '5989Two-WaySFLegends
A.C. Green '8989Two-WaySFLegends (Set)
Brandon Ingram87ShootingSFRookie
Kurt Rambis '81-'8287DefensivePFRookie Legends
Pau Gasol86Two-WayCTitleholders
Julius Randle85Small BallPFImpact Players
Kobe Bryant84Big ManSGSpotlight
Nick Young82Small BallSFBig Moments
D'Angelo Russell80Big ManPGSpotlight
Brandon Ingram79ShootingSFRookie
Louis Williams78ShootingSGTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Brandon Ingram78Big ManSFLvL Reward
Luol Deng77Big ManSFHarvest
Luol Deng77ShootingSFOff-Season Movers
Louis Williams76Small BallSGBase Set
Louis Williams76Two-WaySGBase Set
Julius Randle76DefensivePFBase Set
Julius Randle76Big ManPFBase Set
Louis Williams76ShootingSGBase Set
D'Angelo Russell76DefensivePGBase Set
D'Angelo Russell76Two-WayPGBase Set
Julius Randle76Two-WayPFBase Set
D'Angelo Russell76Small BallPGBase Set
D'Angelo Russell76ShootingPGBase Set
Louis Williams76Big ManSGBase Set
Julius Randle76Small BallCBase Set
Julius Randle76ShootingPFBase Set
Timofey Mozgov76DefensiveCOff-Season Movers
Jordan Clarkson75DefensiveSGBase Set
Luol Deng75Two-WaySFBase Set
Luol Deng75DefensiveSFBase Set
Luol Deng75Big ManSFBase Set
Luol Deng75ShootingPFBase Set
Jordan Clarkson75Two-WaySGBase Set
Luol Deng75Small BallPFBase Set
Jordan Clarkson75ShootingPGBase Set
Jordan Clarkson75DefensivePGBase Set
Jordan Clarkson75Big ManPGBase Set
Timofey Mozgov74Small BallCBase Set
Jose Calderon74DefensivePGBase Set
Jose Calderon74ShootingPGBase Set
Jose Calderon74Small BallPGBase Set
Jose Calderon74Two-WayPGBase Set
Timofey Mozgov74Big ManCBase Set
Timofey Mozgov74Two-WayCBase Set
Roy Hibbert73Big ManCBase Set
Roy Hibbert73Two-WayCBase Set
Roy Hibbert73ShootingCBase Set
Roy Hibbert73DefensiveCBase Set
Nick Young72ShootingSFMotivators
Ivica Zubac72Big ManCRookie
Brandon Bass72Two-WayCBase Set
Brandon Bass72Small BallPFBase Set
Brandon Bass72DefensivePFBase Set
Nick Young72ShootingSGBase Set
Nick Young72Small BallSFBase Set
Nick Young72Two-WaySFBase Set
Larry Nance Jr.70DefensiveSFBase Set
Larry Nance Jr.70Big ManSFBase Set
Larry Nance Jr.70Two-WayPFBase Set
Larry Nance Jr.70ShootingCBase Set
Metta World Peace68Big ManSFHarvest
Tarik Black66DefensiveCBase Set
Metta World Peace64Big ManSFBase Set
Robert Sacre64Big ManCBase Set
Marcelo Huertas61Big ManPGBase Set
Marcelo Huertas61ShootingPGBase Set
Marcelo Huertas61Small BallPGBase Set
Marcelo Huertas61Two-WayPGBase Set
Anthony Brown60ShootingSFBase Set
Anthony Brown60Big ManSGBase Set
Travis Wear58DefensivePFBase Set

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