Paul George93DefensiveSFDefensive LvL Master
Rik Smits '88-'8989DefensiveCRookie Legends
Jalen Rose '0189Two-WaySGLegends (Set)
George Hill '1388Big ManPGThrowback
Paul George87ShootingSFSignature
Paul George86Small BallSFSpotlight
Roy Hibbert '1485Big ManCThrowback
Paul George85ShootingSFBig Moments
Paul George85Big ManSFImpact Players
Paul George84DefensiveSFBase Set
Paul George84ShootingSFBase Set
Paul George84Two-WaySFBase Set
Paul George84Small BallPFBase Set
Paul George84Big ManSGBase Set
Paul George84Big ManSFPlayoffs
Al Jefferson80ShootingCBase Set
Al Jefferson79Big ManCOff-Season Movers
Myles Turner79DefensiveCTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Myles Turner78Small BallCLvL Reward
Monta Ellis78Small BallSGBase Set
Monta Ellis78ShootingSGBase Set
Monta Ellis78DefensiveSGBase Set
Jeff Teague78Two-WayPGBase Set
Monta Ellis78Two-WaySGBase Set
Jeff Teague78Small BallPGBase Set
Jeff Teague78DefensivePGBase Set
Jeff Teague78Big ManPGBase Set
Jeff Teague78ShootingPGBase Set
George Hill77DefensivePGBase Set
George Hill77ShootingPGBase Set
George Hill77Two-WayPGBase Set
Thaddeus Young77Two-WayPFBase Set
Thaddeus Young77ShootingPFBase Set
Thaddeus Young77DefensivePFBase Set
Thaddeus Young77DefensivePFBase Set
Thaddeus Young77Big ManSFBase Set
Al Jefferson77Big ManPFBase Set
Al Jefferson77ShootingPFBase Set
Al Jefferson77ShootingPFBase Set
Al Jefferson77DefensiveCBase Set
Al Jefferson77Small BallCBase Set
Al Jefferson77Two-WayCBase Set
George Hill77Big ManPGPlayoffs
Al Jefferson77Big ManPFBase Set
Myles Turner76DefensivePFBase Set
Myles Turner76Big ManSFBase Set
Myles Turner76DefensiveCBase Set
Myles Turner76DefensiveCBase Set
Myles Turner76Big ManCBase Set
Myles Turner76Two-WayPFBase Set
Myles Turner76ShootingPFBase Set
Jordan Hill73Two-WayCBase Set
Jordan Hill73Small BallCBase Set
Jordan Hill73Big ManCBase Set
Jordan Hill73DefensivePFBase Set
CJ Miles73DefensiveSGBase Set
CJ Miles73Two-WaySFBase Set
CJ Miles73Small BallSFBase Set
CJ Miles73ShootingSFBase Set
Ty Lawson73Two-WayPGBase Set
Ty Lawson73Small BallPGBase Set
Aaron Brooks71DefensivePGBase Set
Aaron Brooks71Two-WayPGBase Set
Aaron Brooks71Small BallPGBase Set
Aaron Brooks71ShootingPGBase Set
Rodney Stuckey71Big ManPGBase Set
Rodney Stuckey71DefensivePGBase Set
Aaron Brooks71Big ManPGHarvest
Rodney Stuckey71Two-WaySGBase Set
Rodney Stuckey71ShootingPGBase Set
Ian Mahinmi68ShootingCBase Set
Ian Mahinmi68Big ManCBase Set
Ian Mahinmi68DefensiveCBase Set
Ian Mahinmi68Two-WayCBase Set
Lavoy Allen66DefensiveSFBase Set
Shayne Whittington66ShootingCBase Set
Lavoy Allen66Two-WayPFBase Set
Lavoy Allen66Small BallCBase Set
Lavoy Allen66ShootingPFBase Set
Rakeem Christmas65Small BallPFBase Set
Jeremy Evans64Big ManSFBase Set
Kevin Seraphin63Small BallCBase Set
Georges Niang62Small BallSFRookie
Solomon Hill59Big ManSFBase Set
Solomon Hill59Small BallSFBase Set
Glenn Robinson III59Two-WaySGBase Set
Glenn Robinson III59Small BallSGBase Set
Glenn Robinson III59Big ManSGBase Set
Solomon Hill59Two-WaySFBase Set
Glenn Robinson III59ShootingSGBase Set

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