Paul Millsap '1290Big ManPFThrowback
Gordon Hayward89ShootingSFTOTW - Set Hero 1 - December
Jeff Hornacek '9888Two-WaySGLegends
Dante Exum86DefensivePGRising Stars
Dante Exum86Big ManPGRising Stars
Dante Exum86Two-WayPGRising Stars
Dante Exum86Small BallPGRising Stars
Gordon Hayward85Two-WaySFImpact Players
Gordon Hayward85DefensiveSFMotivators
Dante Exum85Two-WayPGRising Stars
Dante Exum85Small BallPGRising Stars
Dante Exum85ShootingPGRising Stars
Dante Exum85ShootingPGRising Stars
Dante Exum85DefensivePGRising Stars
Dante Exum85Big ManPGRising Stars
Gordon Hayward85Big ManSFSignature
Gordon Hayward85DefensiveSFLvL Reward
Gordon Hayward83ShootingSFBase Set
Gordon Hayward83Big ManSGBase Set
Gordon Hayward83Two-WaySFBase Set
Gordon Hayward83Small BallSFBase Set
Gordon Hayward83Small BallSFBase Set
Gordon Hayward83DefensiveSFBase Set
Rodney Hood83Big ManSGSpotlight
Rodney Hood82Big ManSGTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Rudy Gobert82Two-WayCTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Derrick Favors81DefensiveCBase Set
Derrick Favors81Big ManPFBase Set
Derrick Favors81Small BallCBase Set
Derrick Favors81Two-WayPFBase Set
Derrick Favors81ShootingCBase Set
Derrick Favors81DefensivePFBase Set
Dante Exum80Small BallPGRising Stars
Dante Exum80Big ManPGRising Stars
Joe Johnson80Two-WaySFOff-Season Movers
Rudy Gobert80Two-WayCBase Set
Rudy Gobert80ShootingCBase Set
Rudy Gobert80DefensiveCBase Set
Rudy Gobert80Big ManCBase Set
Dante Exum80Two-WayPGRising Stars
Dante Exum80ShootingPGRising Stars
Rodney Hood79Big ManSGBase Set
Rodney Hood79Small BallSGBase Set
Rodney Hood79Two-WaySGBase Set
Rodney Hood79DefensiveSGBase Set
Rodney Hood79Small BallSFBase Set
Rodney Hood79ShootingSGBase Set
George Hill79Big ManPGTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Rodney Hood79Big ManSFBase Set
Trey Burke78Big ManPGMotivators
Joe Johnson77Small BallSFBase Set
Joe Johnson77Two-WaySGBase Set
George Hill77Two-WayPGBase Set
George Hill77ShootingPGBase Set
George Hill77DefensivePGBase Set
Joe Johnson77DefensiveSFBase Set
Joe Johnson77ShootingSFBase Set
George Hill76DefensivePGLvL Reward
Dante Exum75ShootingPGInternational
Shelvin Mack75ShootingPGBase Set
Shelvin Mack75DefensivePGBase Set
Shelvin Mack75Big ManPGBase Set
Trey Burke74ShootingPGBase Set
Trey Burke74Small BallPGBase Set
Trey Burke74Two-WayPGBase Set
Boris Diaw73Big ManPFBase Set
Boris Diaw73Small BallCBase Set
Dante Exum73Two-WayPGBase Set
Dante Exum73ShootingPGBase Set
Alec Burks73Two-WaySGBase Set
Alec Burks73Small BallSGBase Set
Alec Burks73ShootingSGBase Set
Boris Diaw73ShootingPFBase Set
Alec Burks73DefensiveSGBase Set
Trevor Booker68ShootingPFBase Set
Shelvin Mack68Two-WayPGBase Set
Tibor Pleiss68Small BallCInternational
Trevor Booker68Small BallPFBase Set
Trevor Booker68Big ManPFBase Set
Trevor Booker68DefensivePFBase Set
Joe Ingles67DefensiveSGBase Set
Joe Ingles67Two-WaySGBase Set
Joe Ingles67Big ManSGBase Set
Joe Ingles67ShootingSFBase Set
Trey Lyles66ShootingPFBase Set
Trey Lyles66Two-WayPFBase Set
Trey Lyles66Small BallCBase Set
Trey Lyles66Small BallPFBase Set
Raul Neto64Two-WayPGBase Set
Raul Neto64Small BallPGBase Set
Raul Neto64DefensivePGBase Set
Jeff Withey63Big ManCBase Set
Jeff Withey63Two-WayCBase Set
Joel Bolomboy61Two-WayPFRookie
Marcus Paige60Big ManPGRookie
Tibor Pleiss58ShootingCBase Set
Tibor Pleiss58Two-WayCBase Set
Tyrone Wallace58DefensivePGRookie
Tibor Pleiss58Big ManCBase Set

Here you can find all the Utah Jazz (UTA) players for NBA Live Mobile. Use Search and Sort Function to Help You Find the best Player for the team.


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