Russell Westbrook95Big ManPGNBA Master
Russell Westbrook93DefensivePGHero of the Month - November
Russell Westbrook89Two-WayPGHarvest
Kevin Durant88Small BallSFSpotlight
Kevin Durant87DefensiveSFBase Set
Kevin Durant87Big ManSGBase Set
Kevin Durant87ShootingSFBase Set
Kevin Durant87Small BallSFBase Set
Kevin Durant87Two-WaySFBase Set
Russell Westbrook86Big ManPGBase Set
Russell Westbrook86Two-WayPGBase Set
Russell Westbrook86DefensivePGBase Set
Russell Westbrook86Big ManPGSpotlight
Russell Westbrook86ShootingPGBase Set
Russell Westbrook86Small BallPGBase Set
Victor Oladipo86Big ManSGLvL Reward
Russell Westbrook85ShootingPGImpact Players
Serge Ibaka84Small BallPFMotivators
Victor Oladipo84Small BallSGCountdown
Enes Kanter84Big ManCBig Moments
Serge Ibaka82ShootingPFSpotlight
Enes Kanter81DefensiveCTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Serge Ibaka80Two-WayPFInternational
Enes Kanter79Big ManPFBase Set
Enes Kanter79DefensiveCBase Set
Enes Kanter79ShootingCBase Set
Enes Kanter79Small BallCBase Set
Enes Kanter79Two-WayCBase Set
Victor Oladipo79Small BallSGBase Set
Victor Oladipo79ShootingSGBase Set
Victor Oladipo79DefensiveSGBase Set
Victor Oladipo79Big ManSGBase Set
Serge Ibaka79Big ManSFBase Set
Victor Oladipo79Big ManPGBase Set
Serge Ibaka79Two-WayPFBase Set
Serge Ibaka79ShootingPFBase Set
Serge Ibaka79DefensivePFPlayoffs
Serge Ibaka79DefensivePFBase Set
Victor Oladipo79Two-WaySGBase Set
Joffrey Lauvergne78Big ManCOff-Season Movers
Russell Westbrook77DefensivePGCountdown
D.J. Augustin74ShootingPGBase Set
D.J. Augustin74Small BallPGBase Set
D.J. Augustin74Two-WayPGBase Set
Randy Foye74ShootingSGPlayoffs
Steven Adams74Two-WayCBase Set
Steven Adams74ShootingCBase Set
Steven Adams74Big ManCBase Set
Steven Adams74DefensiveCBase Set
Andre Roberson73Small BallSFBase Set
Andre Roberson73Big ManSGBase Set
Andre Roberson73DefensiveSGBase Set
Andre Roberson73DefensiveSFBase Set
Dion Waiters73DefensiveSGBase Set
Andre Roberson73ShootingSFBase Set
Andre Roberson73Small BallSGBase Set
Anthony Morrow73ShootingSGBase Set
Dion Waiters73Two-WaySGBase Set
Dion Waiters73Small BallSGBase Set
Dion Waiters73ShootingSGBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70Big ManSFBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70Two-WayPFBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70ShootingPFBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70Small BallCBase Set
Randy Foye69Two-WaySGBase Set
Randy Foye69Small BallPGBase Set
Cameron Payne68DefensivePGBase Set
Cameron Payne68Two-WayPGBase Set
Kyle Singler66Small BallPFBase Set
Kyle Singler66DefensiveSFBase Set
Kyle Singler66Two-WaySFBase Set
Mitch McGary64Small BallPFBase Set
Mitch McGary64ShootingPFBase Set
Ronnie Price63Small BallPGBase Set
Ronnie Price63Two-WayPGBase Set
Nazr Mohammed63Small BallCBase Set
Ronnie Price63Big ManPGBase Set
Nick Collison63DefensivePFBase Set
Nick Collison63Two-WayPFBase Set
Ronnie Price63DefensivePGBase Set
Nick Collison62Big ManCBase Set
Mitch McGary60Two-WayPFBase Set
Mitch McGary60Two-WayPFBase Set
Mitch McGary60ShootingPFBase Set
Nick Collison59Big ManPFBase Set
Nick Collison59ShootingPFBase Set
Nick Collison59Two-WayPFBase Set
Daniel Hamilton59DefensiveSFRookie
Ronnie Price58Big ManPGBase Set
Ronnie Price58ShootingPGBase Set
Ronnie Price58Two-WayPGBase Set

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