Magic Johnson '8992Two-WayPGHarvest Legend
Magic Johnson '7991Big ManPGLegends
Mario Hezonja86Small BallSFRising Stars
Jameer Nelson '0986ShootingPGThrowback
Mario Hezonja86Big ManSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja86DefensiveSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja86Two-WaySFRising Stars
Nikola Vucevic85Two-WayCImpact Players
Nikola Vucevic85ShootingCLvL Reward
Mario Hezonja85Two-WaySFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja85Small BallSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja85ShootingSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja85ShootingSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja85DefensiveSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja85Big ManSFRising Stars
Victor Oladipo84Two-WaySGMotivators
J.J. Redick84ShootingSGThrowback
Serge Ibaka82Big ManPFTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Nikola Vucevic81Big ManCBase Set
Nikola Vucevic81DefensiveCBase Set
Nikola Vucevic81ShootingCBase Set
Nikola Vucevic81Small BallCBase Set
Nikola Vucevic81Two-WayCBase Set
Victor Oladipo81Big ManSGSpotlight
Serge Ibaka81DefensivePFHarvest
Mario Hezonja80Big ManSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja80ShootingSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja80Small BallSFRising Stars
Mario Hezonja80Two-WaySFRising Stars
Serge Ibaka79DefensivePFBase Set
Serge Ibaka79Big ManSFBase Set
Victor Oladipo79Two-WaySGBase Set
Victor Oladipo79Small BallSGBase Set
Serge Ibaka79Two-WayPFBase Set
Serge Ibaka79ShootingPFBase Set
Victor Oladipo79DefensiveSGBase Set
Victor Oladipo79Big ManPGBase Set
Victor Oladipo79ShootingSGBase Set
Bismack Biyombo78Two-WayCOff-Season Movers
Aaron Gordon77Two-WayPFBase Set
Aaron Gordon77Small BallPFBase Set
Aaron Gordon77DefensivePFBase Set
Evan Fournier77Small BallSGInternational
Aaron Gordon77Big ManSFBase Set
Elfrid Payton76DefensivePGBase Set
Elfrid Payton76Big ManPGBase Set
CJ Watson76Small BallSGBase Set
Evan Fournier76Two-WaySFBase Set
Evan Fournier76DefensiveSGBase Set
Evan Fournier76Big ManSGBase Set
Evan Fournier76Small BallSFBase Set
Elfrid Payton76Two-WayPGBase Set
CJ Watson76DefensivePGBase Set
Evan Fournier76DefensiveSFBase Set
D.J. Augustin76Small BallPGOff-Season Movers
Jeff Green76ShootingSFOff-Season Movers
Evan Fournier76ShootingSFBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75ShootingCBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75DefensiveCBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75DefensivePFBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75Big ManPFBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75Two-WayCBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75Small BallCBase Set
D.J. Augustin74ShootingPGBase Set
D.J. Augustin74Small BallPGBase Set
Jeff Green74ShootingSFBase Set
D.J. Augustin74Two-WayPGBase Set
Jeff Green74Big ManSFBase Set
Jeff Green74Two-WayPFBase Set
Brandon Jennings73ShootingPGBase Set
Brandon Jennings73Small BallPGBase Set
Brandon Jennings73Two-WayPGBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70Big ManSFBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70Two-WayPFBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70ShootingPFBase Set
Ersan Ilyasova70Small BallCBase Set
Mario Hezonja69Two-WaySGBase Set
Mario Hezonja69Two-WaySFBase Set
Mario Hezonja69DefensiveSGBase Set
Mario Hezonja69ShootingSGBase Set
Mario Hezonja69Big ManSGBase Set
Mario Hezonja69DefensiveSFBase Set
Andrew Nicholson67ShootingPFBase Set
Jodie Meeks67Small BallSGBase Set
C.J. Wilcox67Two-WaySGOff-Season Movers
Andrew Nicholson67Small BallPFBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66Big ManPFBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66Two-WayCBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66Big ManCBase Set
Dewayne Dedmon66DefensiveCBase Set
Shabazz Napier65ShootingPGBase Set
Shabazz Napier65Small BallPGBase Set
Stephen Zimmerman62DefensiveCRookie
Jason Smith60DefensivePFBase Set
Jason Smith60ShootingCBase Set
Jason Smith60Big ManPFBase Set
C.J. Wilcox56Small BallSGBase Set
Branden Dawson56Small BallSFBase Set
C.J. Wilcox56ShootingSGBase Set
Damjan Rudez55Small BallSFBase Set
Damjan Rudez55Big ManSFBase Set
Devyn Marble55ShootingSFBase Set
Devyn Marble55Small BallSFBase Set
Damjan Rudez55Two-WaySFBase Set
Devyn Marble55Two-WaySGBase Set

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