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  1. I think you should take out the gold players because you spend so much money for a crappy gold player when you want and deserve and paid for an elite player

  2. Got Paul George. Was hoping on Klay but this also fine. Mine shooting lineup is getting better. With Leonard who I got in pro pack (87). Steph Curry award winner set. And now Paul George playing next to them. Oh yes forgot J.J. Reddick. Men his 3p shooting is fire (93) got him in final pack and he’s a Throwback player. Now I need 1 more elite for that lineup 😀

  3. The chances of getting a elite character are high there is only two out of the eleven big moments characters that are gold

  4. Channing Frye is not all that bad, since his Big Moments player card has 93 3-point shooting. I have him on a shooting lineup with 3 other elites plus Reggie Jackson at the point, and Frye hits a lot of threes, rebounds decently, blocks a few shots. For me, he replaced a gold power forward, and he’s been helpful.

  5. The only person I don’t want is Kanter, at least the golds are still half decent. Got Paul George the first time which was good

  6. Excuse me, i played this game 1 month ago. Adn i’ve 80 ovr :v. Guys can you tell me what is “Week” mean in campus hero player list? . Thanks!

  7. FML I spent so much time getting coins for a Blake Griffin Set and I finally get him and then I get a Big Moments set done and I get Channing Frye. I would be fine with this is I could move positions and put Blake at the 5 and Frye at the 4 but nope. Then I do an hour straight of H2H to get coins to get the last Elite Trophy and I’m pumped to do the set again! And I pull Channing Frye again. FML

  8. So, Courtney Lee is the most common player… I have 10 BM collectables, So… I buy 3 Elite trophies to get a player that probably will be Lee (Or any another gold player)? I really don’t need an Elite player right now, but if I get Leonard, Klay, Irving, Thomas Or Harden it would be real great. Help me!

  9. Did the bm set for first time and got frye;he is a monster in three pointers but is not an elite . Doing it for second time and hoping to get an elite .

  10. You should make a “Big Moments” exchange!
    Just like you have in the the season veterans….

    I completed the set 3 times and got 3 Isish Thomas…

    An exchange of 2 big moments players for 1 will be good (since you can’t sell them either!)

  11. I pulled Small Ball Damian Lillard and Isaiah Thomas and I don’t know which one of them to keep.. they’re both PG… someone help please

  12. Lee, then Kanter, then thinking things coulndt possibly get any worse.. I pull Channing -_- I would’ve been happy with anyone besides those three. At least Channing and lee have dirty 3PT

  13. This might sound wired, i Have not tried it but I think I got the way to remove all of your problems. I was reading the description in big moment players and it says something like this: Play for a CHANCE at a Paul George collectible. Now, if you think about it, it does not say: Play for a CHANCE at a big moments collectible. I hope y’all understand me. I think the collectibles you put in affects the player you get. If cards would be picked randomly, the who cares if its a Paul, Leonard, Frye collectible, but it gives you a SPECIFIC card. Like everyone just wants to complete this set because its long, nobody pays attention and EA is just making it tricky. I hope it works, i just need 2 more collectibles to try this. Please reply to find out if this worked.

  14. So based off this list, the chance of getting a gold player is 2/11. I have two more elite trophies needed for a big moments player. I hope I get an elite player!

  15. I got an 89-rated Kyrie Irving in the shooting line-up
    The description says…
    “……. Hit a winning shot against Steph Curry in the 2015-2016 NBA Finals…”

  16. I farmed all day for coins to get the trophies and i got the shitty enes kanter ugly as fuck mutherfucker who looks like a downee i love how his stats are almost all under 70 too.makes me want to do it again to get channing tatum noones prolly ever got that kawhi leonard so EA can eat me ouT.

  17. Got Isaiah Thomas. Gonna trade him for somebody else. Cannot shoot from distance at all. Despite him having a 90 3 point overall

  18. I have done it multiple times. Isaiah Thomas is straight butter! You gotta know how to use your players. Find their sweet spots. And getting shoot meter n the green is misleading. A miss. I love Isaiah! I use his gold over elite curry anyday. And channing is garbage with dribbling. They strip him ASAP. But he bounds and shoots 3’s. Gotta know how to use your players hidden stats!!!!!!

  19. I got the 85 Paul George and the 85 Joel Embiid both in my first try. Meaning that I didn’t have to complete the 2nd BM set. Judging by the comments I guess they are descent pull ups. Should I try the elite set for an even better player? Let me know what you think.

  20. 1st I got Kyrie Irving 89 , then Paul George 85 , recently I made a Carmelo Anthony 87 Two way. It’s not yet available up there but I already have one. 😛

  21. I got zach lavine on my 1st try, then klay on 2nd time n gasol on 3rd n on 4th attempt I got fuckin nick young but I exchanged it n I got kyrie 89. BM sets r gud though all u need is good luck!!!

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