Draymond Green92Small BallPFSmall Ball Master
Stephen Curry91Small BallPGMovember
Stephen Curry90ShootingPGAward Winners
Chris Webber '9490Small BallCLegends (Set)
Kevin Durant90Small BallSFOff-Season Master
Stephen Curry89ShootingPGBase Set
Stephen Curry89Small BallPGBase Set
Stephen Curry89Two-WayPGBase Set
Stephen Curry89DefensivePGBase Set
Rick Barry '7588ShootingSFLegends
Kevin Durant88Two-WaySFTOTW - Pack Hero 2 - November
Kevin Durant87ShootingSFOff-Season Movers
Chris Mullin '85-'8687ShootingSGRookie Legends
Kevin Durant87Two-WaySFBase Set
Kevin Durant87Small BallSFBase Set
Kevin Durant87ShootingSFBase Set
Kevin Durant87DefensiveSFBase Set
Kevin Durant87Big ManSGBase Set
Klay Thompson87Small BallSGBig Moments
Andre Iguodala86ShootingSFTitleholders
Draymond Green86ShootingPFFinals
Leandro Barbosa85DefensiveSFInternational Reward
Monta Ellis '1085Small BallSGThrowback
Draymond Green85DefensivePFImpact Players
Klay Thompson85Big ManSGFinals
Draymond Green84DefensivePFBase Set
Draymond Green84Big ManPFBase Set
Draymond Green84ShootingPFBase Set
Draymond Green84Small BallPFBase Set
Draymond Green84Two-WayPFBase Set
Draymond Green84ShootingCBase Set
Klay Thompson84Two-WaySGBase Set
Klay Thompson84ShootingSGBase Set
Klay Thompson84Small BallSGBase Set
Klay Thompson84Big ManSGSpotlight
Klay Thompson84DefensiveSGBase Set
Andrew Bogut83Small BallCFinals
Andre Iguodala82DefensiveSFFinals
Klay Thompson82Big ManSGPlayoffs
Andrew Bogut79Big ManCInternational
Andrew Bogut78Big ManCBase Set
Harrison Barnes78ShootingSFMotivators
Andrew Bogut78Two-WayCBase Set
Andrew Bogut78ShootingCBase Set
Andrew Bogut78DefensiveCBase Set
Harrison Barnes76Two-WaySFBase Set
Harrison Barnes76Small BallSFBase Set
David West76ShootingPFOff-Season Movers
Harrison Barnes76ShootingSFBase Set
Harrison Barnes76Big ManSGBase Set
Zaza Pachulia76Big ManCOff-Season Movers
Andrew Bogut76Small BallCPlayoffs
Harrison Barnes76DefensiveSFBase Set
Andre Iguodala75DefensiveSFBase Set
Andre Iguodala75Big ManSFBase Set
Andre Iguodala75Two-WaySFBase Set
Phil Pressey75Two-WayPGBase Set
Andre Iguodala75DefensiveSGBase Set
Andre Iguodala75Small BallPFBase Set
David West74Two-WayPFBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74Small BallCBase Set
Anderson Varejao74Big ManCInternational
Zaza Pachulia74Two-WayCBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74Small BallCBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74DefensiveCBase Set
Zaza Pachulia74Big ManCBase Set
David West74Small BallPFBase Set
David West74Big ManPFBase Set
David West74DefensivePFBase Set
Festus Ezeli73Two-WayCBase Set
Festus Ezeli73DefensiveCBase Set
Festus Ezeli73Big ManCBase Set
Anderson Varejao72ShootingCHarvest
Shaun Livingston71DefensivePGBase Set
Shaun Livingston71Two-WayPGBase Set
Shaun Livingston71Big ManPGBase Set
Leandro Barbosa70Big ManPGBase Set
Leandro Barbosa70Small BallPGBase Set
Marreese Speights70Big ManPFBase Set
Marreese Speights70DefensivePFBase Set
Marreese Speights70Two-WayPFBase Set
Marreese Speights70ShootingCBase Set
Patrick McCaw69DefensiveSGRookie
Anderson Varejao68Small BallCBase Set
Kevon Looney68Big ManSGBase Set
JaVale McGee67Big ManPFBase Set
JaVale McGee67ShootingCBase Set
Ian Clark64Small BallSGBase Set
Brandon Rush64Two-WaySGBase Set
Brandon Rush64ShootingSFBase Set
Brandon Rush64Small BallSFBase Set
Elliot Williams62Two-WaySGBase Set
Elliot Williams62ShootingSGBase Set
Elliot Williams62Big ManSGBase Set
Brandon Rush60DefensiveSFBase Set
Brandon Rush60Big ManSFBase Set
James McAdoo57ShootingPFBase Set
James McAdoo56DefensiveSFBase Set
James McAdoo56Small BallSFBase Set
James McAdoo56Big ManSFBase Set

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