Kyle Lowry89ShootingPGTOTW - Pack Hero 4 - November
DeMar DeRozan87Small BallSGTOTW - Set Hero 2 - November
Kyle Lowry86Small BallPGMotivators
Kyle Lowry85Big ManPGSpotlight
DeMar DeRozan85DefensiveSGSpotlight
DeMar DeRozan85Two-WaySGSignature
Kyle Lowry85Two-WayPGBig Moments
DeMar DeRozan85ShootingSGImpact Players
Kyle Lowry84ShootingPGSpotlight
DeMar DeRozan84Big ManSGSpotlight
Kyle Lowry83ShootingPGBase Set
Kyle Lowry83Small BallPGBase Set
Kyle Lowry83Two-WayPGBase Set
Kyle Lowry83DefensivePGBase Set
Kyle Lowry83Big ManPGBase Set
Kyle Lowry83Big ManPGPlayoffs
DeMar DeRozan82DefensiveSGBase Set
DeMar DeRozan82Big ManSGBase Set
DeMar DeRozan82Small BallSGBase Set
DeMar DeRozan82Two-WaySGBase Set
Jonas Valanciunas80Two-WayCTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Jared Sullinger80DefensivePFOff-Season Movers
Bismack Biyombo78DefensivePFMotivators
Jonas Valanciunas77Two-WayCBase Set
Jonas Valanciunas77DefensiveCBase Set
Jonas Valanciunas77Big ManCBase Set
Jared Sullinger76Small BallCBase Set
Jared Sullinger76ShootingCBase Set
Jared Sullinger76Big ManPFBase Set
Jared Sullinger76Two-WayCBase Set
Jakob Poeltl76ShootingCRookie
Bismack Biyombo75Big ManPFBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75DefensivePFBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75DefensiveCBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75ShootingCBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75Two-WayCBase Set
Bismack Biyombo75Small BallCBase Set
DeMarre Carroll74Two-WaySFMovember
Luis Scola74ShootingPFBase Set
Luis Scola74Big ManSFBase Set
Luis Scola74Small BallPFBase Set
Luis Scola74ShootingCBase Set
Luis Scola74Two-WayPFBase Set
Luis Scola74Small BallPFPlayoffs
Pascal Siakam73ShootingPFRookie
DeMarre Carroll73Two-WaySFBase Set
Terrence Ross73DefensiveSFBase Set
Terrence Ross73ShootingSGBase Set
Terrence Ross73Two-WaySGBase Set
DeMarre Carroll73Big ManSFBase Set
Cory Joseph73Two-WayPGInternational
DeMarre Carroll73ShootingSFBase Set
Patrick Patterson70Two-WayPFBase Set
Patrick Patterson70DefensivePFBase Set
Patrick Patterson70DefensivePFBase Set
Patrick Patterson70ShootingPFBase Set
Patrick Patterson70Small BallPFBase Set
Cory Joseph69DefensivePGBase Set
Cory Joseph69Two-WayPGBase Set
Jason Thompson68Big ManPFBase Set
James Johnson65Big ManSFBase Set
James Johnson65Two-WaySFBase Set
Delon Wright62Big ManPGBase Set
Lucas Nogueira62Big ManCBase Set
Norman Powell59Small BallSFBase Set
Norman Powell59ShootingSGBase Set
Norman Powell59DefensiveSGBase Set
Bruno Caboclo59Big ManSGBase Set

Here you can find all the Toronto Raptors (TOR) players for NBA Live Mobile. Use Search and Sort Function to Help You Find the best Player for the team.


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