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  1. I need these one for Curry:
    Sixth Man
    All Star MVP

    I get tons of Coach , MVP. Most improved player, Defensive and u say All Star is common? Never get these 4 listed up.

  2. I have a question… Do u have to play the Stephen curry award winner to get all star mvp? Or can u play any such as Jamal Crawford or jimmy butler?

  3. For me finals mvp..mvp coach and defense also rookie…that’s the common for me…how can I get the sixth man and sportsmanship?.

  4. Can you please change the rarity of each trophy because it seems every single person who commented are having problems with all star and sixth man. Im having problems with those two as well knowing that ive played this game for almost a year. Sad to say that its not based on how common the collectibles are, its really based on luck and dupes.

  5. I have never seen a sixth man nor all star mvp.

    Got two sportsmanships.

    at least five rookie.

    others probably at least 10 times.

    most common is mvp, finals mvp, coach (for me)
    then sometimes is defensive and mip.

  6. I did this for 200 times…. No all star mvp!
    U have to change the rates… Also used exchange and the all star map just won’t come up!

  7. need 6th man and sportsmanship for everyone allstar mvp for Steph all bronze accomplishes is flushing those trophys down the toilet


  9. Lol, i was laughing as i read this because I always get most improved player and coach. What I don’t get is sixth man and all star mvp and by this site, they are very common. I think each device has its own probability. I just need that all star to get curry:(
    P.S Why is Jimmy Butler in the shooting list???

  10. I need sixth man for ever now even the one they say rare I have at 4 of each how can I get the sixth man please let me know

  11. I keep getting everything I need except 6th man, I finally got it now trying for a second player and I’m experiencing the same thing. By chance, what devices are you guys using, currently I’m using GALAXY S7. Found it interesting of the possibility that the device you guys use may cause different results.

    I get everything else you guys mentioned regularly

  12. Got sportmanship in pack exchange after 20 packs. I only need all star. Very hard to get. I have every card on all players. On curry need only all star and the others i need sportmanship. If i want i can already collect Leonard but i want Curry first.

    I see u guys saying that on Leonard event there’s more luck to get it. Gonna try it there than. Yesterday did like 40x at Leonard but nothing new.

  13. I’m trying to get Curry, but i’m actually closer to getting Kawhi Leonard because i’m getting his drops instead of currys, and my Defensive lineup is actually my best. Also, can anyone tell me Currys 3pt rating?

  14. That All Star MVP for Curry is not dropping, last one I need. I also have 5 or 6 for all the other players. The game is rigged! 🙂

  15. i am only missing six man to get curry! the other hard stuff to get i combined 3 collectibles with bronze trhophy and i got it! is a way these collectibles can be sold i tried to look in the auction no one seems eager to sell them.

  16. Hey this game is starting to make me mad I’ve played from since the beta and still do not have even one sportsmanship award or even elite players

  17. Palyed at least 250 times, and exchanged 73 times, but never had luck yet. Never got sportsmanship and sixthman. I guess it is about time to quit.

  18. I have tried to get a six the man trophey for 2 1/2 months I mean its stupid I understand a game is supposed to be difficult but this is over the top

  19. even if i chenage my 3 trophey+bronze I never get what i miss.
    Sportmanship and All Star MVP for Curry,
    Sportmanship for Leonard and Butler.
    Why???? I wait for 3 months

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