Karl Malone '9793Big ManPFLegends (Set)
Magic Johnson '8992Two-WayPGHarvest Legend
Wilt Chamberlain '6292Two-WayCLegends (Set)
Drazen Petrovic '9392ShootingSGLegends
James Worthy '8892Two-WaySFLegends (Set)
Dominique Wilkins '9092Small BallSFHarvest Legend
Dikembe Mutombo '9792Big ManCHarvest Legend
Patrick Ewing '8591Two-WayCLegends (Set)
Wes Unseld '6991Two-WayCLegends (Set)
George Gervin '8291Big ManSGLegends (Set)
Gary Payton '9591DefensivePGLegends (Set)
Bill Laimbeer '8391ShootingCLegends (Set)
Bob Cousy '5691Big ManPGLegends (Set)
Robert Parish '8991Small BallCLegends
Joe Dumars '9191Small BallSGLegends (Set)
Oscar Robertson '60-'6191Two-WayPGRookie Legends
Bob Pettit '5991Two-WayPFLegends (Set)
Walt Frazier '7291Big ManPGLegends
Magic Johnson '7991Big ManPGLegends
Jason Kidd '0291DefensivePGLegends
Kevin Garnett '0491Two-WayPFLegend (Tribute)
Dikembe Mutombo '9290DefensiveCLegends
Clyde Drexler '9290Big ManSGLegends (Set)
Scottie Pippen '9290DefensiveSFLegends (Set)
Lenny Wilkens '7290Small BallPGLegends
Yao Ming '0490ShootingCLegends
Otis Birdsong '8590DefensiveSGLegends
Tracy McGrady '0790Two-WaySGLegends
Tim Duncan90ShootingPFLegend (Tribute)
Amar'e Stoudemire '0590Small BallCLegend (Tribute)
Mitch Richmond '9790ShootingSGLegends
Kenny Anderson '9490ShootingPGLegends
Charles Oakley '9090Big ManPFLegends
Mark Price '9390ShootingPGLegends
Vince Carter '0090DefensiveSGLegends (Set)
Earl Monroe '6990Two-WaySGLegends
Sean Elliott '9390Big ManSFLegends (Set)
Vlade Divac '9990ShootingCLegends (Set)
Kevin McHale '8990Big ManPFLegends (Set)
David Robinson '9090Big ManCLegends (Set)
Chris Webber '9490Small BallCLegends (Set)
Tim Hardaway '9790Big ManPGLegends (Set)
Kevin Johnson '9490DefensivePGLegends (Set)
Elgin Baylor '5989Two-WaySFLegends
John Starks '9389Small BallSGLegends
Willis Reed '64-'6589Big ManCRookie Legends
Elvin Hayes '7389Small BallCLegends (Set)
Darryl Dawkins '8089Big ManCLegends (Set)
World B. Free '8389ShootingSGLegends
Allen Iverson '9789ShootingPGLegends
Steve Francis '0089ShootingPGLegends
Jamal Mashburn '93-'9489Small BallSFRookie Legends
Toni Kukoc '9689ShootingSFLegends
Rik Smits '88-'8989DefensiveCRookie Legends
Alonzo Mourning '9489DefensiveCLegends
Bernard King '8489ShootingSFLegends (Set)
Yao Ming '0589Big ManCLegends
Muggsy Bogues '9289Small BallPGLegends (Set)
Jalen Rose '0189Two-WaySGLegends (Set)
A.C. Green '8989Two-WaySFLegends (Set)
Isiah Thomas '8389DefensivePGLegends (Set)
Larry Johnson '9389ShootingPFLegends
Shaquille O'Neal '9689Two-WayCLegends
Shawn Kemp '9689Two-WayPFLegends (Set)
Jerry West '7289Small BallPGLegends
Manute Bol '8689DefensiveCLegends
Spud Webb '9288Big ManPGLegends
Tom Chambers '81-'8288Big ManPFRookie Legends
Glen Rice '89-'9088ShootingSFRookie Legends
Mark Jackson '87-'8888Small BallPGRookie Legends
Rick Barry '7588ShootingSFLegends
Jeff Hornacek '9888Two-WaySGLegends
Dennis Rodman '9288DefensivePFLegends (Set)
Horace Grant '9488DefensivePFLegends (Set)
Robert Horry '9588ShootingPFLegends
Jason Kidd '9588Small BallPGLegends (Set)
John Havlicek '7288DefensiveSFLegends
Chris Mullin '85-'8687ShootingSGRookie Legends
Kurt Rambis '81-'8287DefensivePFRookie Legends
Toni Kukoc '93-'9487Two-WaySFRookie Legends
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