Isaiah Thomas853PTBOSPG5'9"938990756480
Rajon Rondo85SHOSACPG6'1"928773687792
Reggie Jackson85SPDDETPG6'3"868671786888
Damian Lillard853PTPORPG6'3"858677806183
Derrick Rose85SPDCHIPG6'3"888869767477
John Wall85SPDWASPG6'4"928665796486
Russell Westbrook85SPDOKCPG6'3"897672836880
Kemba Walker85SHOCHAPG6'1"869270666881
Michale Conley85SHOMEMPG6'1"828585656381
Tony Parker85SHOSASPG6'2"838878675683
Brandon Knight85SPDPHOSG6'3"888891726983
Demar Derozan85SHOTORSG6'7"858265827380
Andrew Wiggins85DEFMINSG6'8"857970816868
Gordon Hayward853PTUTASF6'8"848482827682
Giannis Antetokounmpo85DEFMILSF6'9"877254868483
Danilo Gallinari853PTDENSF6'10"777483817569
Paul George85SHOINDSF6'9"847676807665
Chandler Parsons853PTDALPF6'9"828085847378
Draymond Green853PTGSWPF6'7"757774767182
Kristaps Porzingis85DEFNYKPF7'0"787582767368
Kevin Love853PTCLEPF6'10"726385787969
Chris Bosh853PTMIAPF6'11"786986816169
Blake Griffin85SHOLACPF6'10"777057856572
Anthony Davis85SHONOPPF6'10"766860786764
Julius Randle85DEFLALPF6'9"784841777666
Jahlil Okafor85DEFPHIC6'11"756976777266
Al Horford85DEFATLC6'10"684547816678
Nikola Vucevic85DEFORLC7'0"624044767048
Brook Lopez85DEFBRKC7'0"603740717138
Dwight Howard85DEFHOUC6'11"703521677134

Impact players give stats boosts. Looking for a simple list with all the Impact players that you can pull in NBA Live Mobile? This easy list can help!

This Impact players table has been created to be easily used on the mobile device. Please find raw data at Google Docs with the Forum thread.


Impact Player List — 4 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, since the September 2016 release some players are not there anymore: Al Horford, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo and Chandler Parsons.

  2. I really wish I’d started playing the game earlier. I started at the beginning of September and was hyped to get Impact D-Rose. But sadly I didn’t get enough time to save up enough elite trophies for him before EA released the update that substituted impact Butler for Rose. I was hoping EA would update the cards later; this impact D-Rose is some vintage stuff.

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