Kemba Walker93Big ManPGBig Man LvL Master
Larry Johnson '9389ShootingPFLegends
Alonzo Mourning '9489DefensiveCLegends
Muggsy Bogues '9289Small BallPGLegends (Set)
Kemba Walker88Small BallPGTOTW - Pack Hero 3 - November
Richard Jefferson '0588Two-WaySFThrowback
Jarrett Jack '1286Small BallPGThrowback
Kemba Walker85Big ManPGImpact Players
Brook Lopez85Two-WayCImpact Players
Kemba Walker84Big ManPGSpotlight
Brook Lopez84Two-WayCMotivators
Kemba Walker83ShootingPGBase Set
Kemba Walker83Small BallPGBase Set
Kemba Walker83Two-WayPGBase Set
Courtney Lee83Two-WaySFBig Moments
Kemba Walker83DefensivePGBase Set
Kemba Walker83Big ManPGBase Set
Brook Lopez83DefensiveCTeam of the Week (TOTW)
Kemba Walker83ShootingPGSpotlight
Brook Lopez82Two-WayCBase Set
Brook Lopez82Small BallCBase Set
Brook Lopez82ShootingCBase Set
Brook Lopez82Big ManCBase Set
Brook Lopez82DefensiveCBase Set
Kemba Walker80ShootingPGPlayoffs
Joe Johnson80ShootingSFSeason Veterans
Nicolas Batum79Big ManSFPlayoffs
Jarrett Jack78Two-WayPGBase Set
Jarrett Jack78ShootingPGBase Set
Jarrett Jack78Big ManPGBase Set
Jarrett Jack78DefensivePGBase Set
Al Jefferson77Big ManPFBase Set
Al Jefferson77ShootingPFBase Set
Al Jefferson77DefensiveCBase Set
Nicolas Batum77Small BallSGBase Set
Thaddeus Young77Big ManSFBase Set
Thaddeus Young77Two-WayPFBase Set
Thaddeus Young77Small BallPFBase Set
Nicolas Batum77ShootingSGBase Set
Thaddeus Young77ShootingPFBase Set
Thaddeus Young77DefensivePFBase Set
Al Jefferson77Two-WayCBase Set
Jeremy Lin77DefensivePGOff-Season Movers
Nicolas Batum77Two-WaySFBase Set
Nicolas Batum77Small BallSFBase Set
Nicolas Batum77DefensiveSFBase Set
Al Jefferson77Small BallCBase Set
Luis Scola76Small BallPFOff-Season Movers
Courtney Lee75ShootingSFBase Set
Courtney Lee75DefensiveSFBase Set
Courtney Lee75Small BallSGBase Set
Courtney Lee75Two-WaySGBase Set
Jeremy Lin74DefensivePGBase Set
Jeremy Lin74ShootingPGBase Set
Jeremy Lin74ShootingPGBase Set
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist74Two-WaySFBase Set
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist74ShootingSFBase Set
Jeremy Lin74Two-WayPGBase Set
Jeremy Lin74Two-WayPGBase Set
Jeremy Lin74Small BallPGBase Set
Jeremy Lin74Small BallPGBase Set
Luis Scola74Big ManSFBase Set
Luis Scola74Small BallPFBase Set
Luis Scola74ShootingCBase Set
Marvin Williams74Two-WayPFBase Set
Marvin Williams74Small BallPFBase Set
Luis Scola74ShootingPFBase Set
Marvin Williams74ShootingPFBase Set
Marvin Williams74DefensivePFBase Set
Marvin Williams74Big ManPFBase Set
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist74Big ManSGBase Set
Marvin Williams74Big ManSFBase Set
Luis Scola74Two-WayPFBase Set
Bojan Bogdanovic73Small BallSFBase Set
Jeremy Lamb73ShootingSGLvL Reward
Greivis Vasquez73Big ManPGOff-Season Movers
Marco Belinelli73ShootingSFBase Set
Marco Belinelli73DefensiveSFBase Set
Bojan Bogdanovic73Two-WaySFBase Set
Randy Foye73ShootingPGOff-Season Movers
Roy Hibbert73DefensiveCBase Set
Roy Hibbert73Big ManCBase Set
Bojan Bogdanovic73Big ManSFBase Set
Marco Belinelli73Two-WaySGBase Set
Bojan Bogdanovic73ShootingSFBase Set
Roy Hibbert73Two-WayCBase Set
Roy Hibbert73ShootingCBase Set
Jeremy Lamb72Two-WaySGBase Set
Jeremy Lamb72Small BallSGBase Set
Jeremy Lamb72ShootingSGBase Set
Jeremy Lamb72DefensiveSGBase Set
Jeremy Lamb72Two-WaySGMotivators
Frank Kaminsky71Big ManCBase Set
Frank Kaminsky71DefensivePFBase Set
Frank Kaminsky71ShootingCBase Set
Frank Kaminsky71Two-WayPFBase Set
Greivis Vasquez71Big ManPGBase Set
Cody Zeller71Big ManCBase Set
Cody Zeller71DefensiveCBase Set
Cody Zeller71Small BallCBase Set
Cody Zeller71Two-WayCBase Set
Greivis Vasquez71Two-WaySGBase Set
Jeremy Lamb71DefensiveSGHarvest
Greivis Vasquez71ShootingPGBase Set
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson70DefensiveSFBase Set
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson70Big ManSGBase Set
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson70ShootingSFBase Set
Randy Foye69DefensiveSGBase Set
Wayne Ellington69ShootingSGBase Set
Wayne Ellington69DefensiveSGBase Set
Spencer Hawes69ShootingCBase Set
Randy Foye69Two-WaySGBase Set
Randy Foye69Small BallSGBase Set
Randy Foye69Small BallPGBase Set
Randy Foye69DefensivePGBase Set
Randy Foye69ShootingSGBase Set
Ramon Sessions69ShootingPGBase Set
Wayne Ellington69Small BallSGBase Set
Wayne Ellington69Two-WaySGBase Set
Ramon Sessions69DefensivePGBase Set
Ramon Sessions69Big ManPGBase Set
Ramon Sessions69Small BallPGBase Set
Trevor Booker68ShootingPFBase Set
Trevor Booker68Small BallPFBase Set
Henry Sims68DefensiveCBase Set
Henry Sims68Small BallCBase Set
Trevor Booker68Big ManPFBase Set
Trevor Booker68DefensivePFBase Set
Donald Sloan67Two-WayPGBase Set
Donald Sloan67ShootingPGBase Set
Donald Sloan67Big ManPGBase Set
Shane Larkin67Small BallPGBase Set
Shane Larkin67DefensivePGBase Set
Isaiah Whitehead67ShootingPGRookie
Justin Hamilton66Small BallCBase Set
Brian Roberts65Small BallPGBase Set
Brian Roberts65Two-WayPGBase Set
Aaron Harrison63Big ManSGBase Set
Chris McCullough62Big ManPFBase Set
Chris McCullough62Two-WayPFBase Set
Chris McCullough62ShootingPFBase Set
Chris McCullough62ShootingCBase Set
Jorge Gutierrez61Big ManPGBase Set
Anthony Bennett60Big ManPFBase Set
Markel Brown59DefensiveSGBase Set
Markel Brown59Two-WaySGBase Set
Thomas Robinson58Two-WayCBase Set
Tyler Hansbrough58Two-WaySFBase Set
Tyler Hansbrough58Big ManSFBase Set
Tyler Hansbrough58Small BallSFBase Set
Joe Harris58Big ManSGBase Set
Joe Harris58DefensiveSGBase Set
Troy Daniels57Two-WaySGBase Set
Thomas Robinson56Big ManPFBase Set
Thomas Robinson56DefensivePFBase Set
Willie Reed55Big ManSFBase Set
Willie Reed55Small BallPFBase Set
Sergey Karasev53Two-WaySFBase Set
Sergey Karasev53Small BallSFBase Set
Sergey Karasev53Big ManSGBase Set

Here you can find all the Brooklyn Nets (BKN) players for NBA Live Mobile. Use Search and Sort Function to Help You Find the best Player for the team.


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