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    • Hello, we are located in the USA and noting the time in PST manually. We do not know if they are the same in other countries. Could you please check the time and convert it to your country and let us know if it matches?

  1. Also i know im in the wrong place for this but can anyone tell me how to get the rookie award, Sixth man award, Sportsmanship award and all-star mvp award because im trying to grt stephen curry and i have everything except those four. So thanks to anyone who can help

  2. I know this is a dumb question but for the season veterans I was wondering if you can get 2 of the same player because I am trying to get Robert parish and was wondering if you will have to worry about getting duplicate players because I am already working on the set for a 5th time and have not gotten a duplicate yet

    • Yes you can get duplicate players sadly. I’ve gotten Tyson chandler three times but was lucky enough to get Robert Parish on my second attempt, now working for KG

    • yes! there are chances of getting dupicate players as there are limited featured players for this ….however chances are very low and if u get a dupicate player then u can sell it and buy another player…hope it helps u ….good luck

  3. is anyone working on the international players, im close to kyrie just couple more flags then ill buy everything else

    • Hello, we update the event page every day at around 7~10 am PST. We are not official page and we report what we see on a daily to daily basis. We feel it is a good place to keep track and archive past events.

  4. Hey!keep up the good work.I just wanted you to ask when will the next international dirk nowitzki event is going to begin.

  5. When will the next Kyrie Irving international live event be? I know it was last week so will I have to wait until it cycles through the rest of the international players before I get another shot at it?

  6. The Award Winners set is garbage. I’ve played it 100+ times over the past 5 weeks and got no new pulls. I need All-Star MVP, Sixth Man and Sportsmanship and have yet to pull any.
    Cmon EA. Get your shit together

  7. its almost impossible, if not impossible for those of in Africa to get collectibles in the Auction House. The auction house is only filled with players only. very disappointing.

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