Anthony Davis90DefensivePFUnknown
DeMarcus Cousins87Small BallPFUnknown
Blake Griffin86DefensivePFUnknown
Chris Bosh85Big ManPFUnknown
Rajon Rondo85ShootingPGUnknown
Dwight Howard84Two-WayCUnknown
Serge Ibaka81DefensivePFUnknown
Zach Randolph80Small BallPFUnknown
J.R. Smith80Two-WaySGUnknown
Elfrid Payton78Small BallPGUnknown
Kenneth Faried77Big ManPFUnknown
Dennis Schroder77ShootingPGUnknown
Robin Lopez76DefensiveCUnknown
David West76Big ManPFUnknown
Tony Allen75ShootingSGUnknown
Kevin Garnett73Two-WayPFUnknown
Chris Andersen72Big ManCUnknown
Lance Stephenson72ShootingSFUnknown
Nick Young72Two-WaySFUnknown
Anderson Varejao71ShootingCUnknown
Metta World Peace70DefensiveSFUnknown
JaVale McGee69Small BallCUnknown
Kendrick Perkins68Big ManCUnknown
Tony Snell67DefensiveSGUnknown
Tyler Hansbrough66Two-WayPFUnknown
Mike Miller65Small BallSFUnknown

Looking for a quick and simple list with all the Ball-O-Ween players that you can pull in NBA Live Mobile 2016 Halloween Special Events? This easy list can help!


Ball-O-Ween Player List — 4 Comments

  1. I just feel like writing Pros and Cons about this event

    Pros. Anthony Davis is one of the two (Dirk) best Defensive PF players of this game (Not like in countdown where Chris Paul 92 is better than Harden 91), so you can stick with him forever. Anthony can boost the lineups defence attribute something which dirk can’t do. Gold players are easy to find in live events used to get Anthony. There are a great variety of elite players which can be obtained in sets. Davis is auctionable unlike Dirk so if you feel like Dirk is better than Davis, you can always sell him for good money in the auctions

    Cons: It is very expensive to get a halloween elite player (not Davis) using the sets. You need 3 elite trophies (25k each) and 3 normal elite players (around 50k each) which sums up to about 200 000k coins, which is pretty expensive if you get a 84ovr player. You can get a technically “free” 90ovr PF like Davis using the Award winners live events but Dirk is not auctinable.

    Comment below why will you and why will you not go for this event

    • Absolutely will. The +4 D boost is invaluable. Once you can pair him with Whiteside (+2 D) on the defensive lineup (+2 D and speed) nobody will be able to score on you in h2h. If you’ve got Kawai from the awards set, it’s worth shelling out for a a good PG and SG to fill out that lineup. I might sell off a couple of players from my big lineup just to do that.

  2. I was indecisive until I saw the 4+D. I just need one ball o ween player, one elite player, and 12 silver players to get davis

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