Trying to improve your game in NBA Live Mobile? Learn how to execute special moves with the correct timing and scenarios.

Tap the “Drive” button while moving and the defender is moving towards you. You will need good timing with decent forward momentum to get by your defender quicker. Follow up the spin move with a mid range jumper, dunk, or lay-up.

A follow up variation of the Spin move. Double tap “Drive” with the timing a spin move. After you complete the first spin move, press “Shoot” for an attempt at a Spin Lay-up.

Move down the court and quickly change directions to perform and “Behind the Back” move. This move is harder to pull off and less effective than straight out Spin Move.

While being stationary, press the “Drive” button once. Your dribbler will create space for a jumper. You should generally use PG/SG/SF player positions for this move.

Back your defender down, and double tap “Drive” and immediately swipe up for a post spin dunk/layup move.

Drive in with PF or C preferred, have your back to the basket and press “Shoot”

Get in the post animation and tap the “Shoot” button once to start fake hook. After the animation, time your button to quickly press “Shoot” again to perform a “Post Up & Under” move.

You Cannot Face-Up while attempting this move as you will generally fail.

Start with some space, then dribble towards the baseline and press “Shoot” to preform a fade-away. The sideline can work as well however the shot will have low percentage.

Press the “guard” button to reach-in while on defense. Be aggressive about pressing guard a few times since fouls are rarely called in game.

However, higher foul rate occurs when you try to steal while double team.


Moves Execution for NBA Live Mobile — 31 Comments

  1. To do an alley oop: hold or tap the drive button, then slide your finger over to the pass button the left. Use this logically and be realistic about what your players are capable of doing.

  2. If i use more dribbles can i get the dribble card in supremecy for LeBron? Only need that and i have him. But dunno how to drible i keep doing the same move. Just spinning.

  3. if you wanna do any specific dunk tricks you gotta have a certain type of player like players from the high flyers event or from the Nba live pass. Sometimes your court, jersey, and coach can help with dunking.

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